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ABA Inside Track

May 15, 2024

UNLOCKED from our Patreon page, it’s the “Calling Bullshit” Book Club! Interested in more Book Clubs? Want to vote on what we read next? Feeling FOMO at getting this a full year late? Wish your 2 CEs for listening to the episode were FREE??? Join us on Patreon to get all of our episodes a week early, access to these bonus episodes, plus other goodies.

You’d think living in such a big-data obsessed world, that behavior analysts would be enjoying some of the most fact-filled, objective times of their lives. Unfortunately, more data means more problems, especially when those gathering and publishing the data seem determined to sell you a heaping load of bullshit. For our Spring 2023 Book Club, we get skeptical of all this precious data by reading Bergstrom and West’s “Calling Bullshit”. We dive into what makes bullshit, how to identify it, and, most importantly, how to call it out and make the world a better place.

Content discussed in this episode

Bergstrom, C.T. & West, J.D. (2020). Calling bullshit. Random House.

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